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DWARF BLOOD MORO ORANGE Tree Citrus 1 tree Grow Your Own Oranges
Kadi Patta, Curry Leaf Tree (Murraya koenigii), Live 2 Plant in 5 inch pot
Mitragyna Speciosa live seed grown plant own root
Royal Empress Tree 300 Seeds Stunning Purple Flowers in Spring Fast Growing!
2 - Red Japanese maple seedling trees - Average 2-3 FOOT TALL NOW, free s/h
Dwarf Orange Tree Citrus x citrofortunella 1 tree Fruit Grow Your Own Fruit
Gardening by Parson
Do you enjoy having hummingbirds travel through your yard, feeding on healthy flowers? Gardeners, here is something you can do about this – take the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge ... by more flowering plants and trees will help improve their ...
Home and Garden events calendar, March 5 and beyond
Sustainable Living Permaculture ... workshops. Plant Exchange: Bring plants (all types and sizes) to exchange, or garden items such as pots, decorative items, tools, equipment, gardening books, steppingstones, and anything useful in a yard including ...
Homeowners embrace outdoor living spaces
Chris Russo and his family love their home in Franklin. But they spend as much time as possible in their yard, gathered around the fire pit in their outdoor living area ... in the Nashville Lawn and Garden Show, scheduled for March 3-6 at the Tennessee ...
Tasks to get your outdoor spaces ready
It already feels like spring, and that has many thinking of prepping the lawn and garden for the warmer weather. We called on the experts to get tips for getting your outdoor space into ... ready to get out in the yard and plant. “I would probably ...
Your guide to Monterey County’s spring home and garden events
“We have a few people that never join the club but always bring lots of plant material to the event,” said Hofmann. “There is one elderly man who brings dahlia bulbs and many rooted seedlings ... Home & Garden Expo >> Inspiration for a variety of ...
Mitragyna Speciosa seeds. East Kalimantan sourced wild
Black Mission Fig, Cold Hardy, LIVE POTTED PLANT, Fruit Tree
Princess Royal Paulownia Tomentosa Seeds ***FASTEST GROWING TREE in the WORLD***
Mitragyna Speciosa seeds. East Kalimantan sourced wild
Mitragyna Speciosa seeds. East Kalimantan sourced wild
hybrid poplar cuttings (10) fast growing tree
Red Rocket Crape Myrtle Tree - Live Plant - 4 Inch Pot
Bay Leaf Tree, potted, live plant, Hoja de Laurel, leaves used in soups & stews
Rainbow Eucalyptus approximate 50 seeds *Eucalyptus deglupta*Rare Exotic CombSH
5 Red Maple Tree ROOTED SEEDLINGS Acer Rubrum (5 Free Plants) Lawn Garden
FIG TREE Violet de Bordeaux SWEET Delicious Fruit Live plant hardy zone 5 to 10
Summer Chocolate Mimosa Albizia julibrissin Tree Seeds (10) Chocolate Silk Tree
Cold Hardy Windmill Palm Seedlings Trachycarpus Fortunei (stocky & strong)
Princess Royal Paulownia Tomentosa Seeds ***FASTEST GROWING TREE in the WORLD***
Albizia Summer Chocolate PURPLE MIMOSA TREE Seeds!
10 Mimosa / Persian Silk Tree Albizia Julibrissin Flower Seeds
Musa - 'Basjoo' - Banana Tree
Curry leaf plant-2 years old .
' Galicia Negra ' Fig Tree Cuttings ~ Exquisite Flavorful Dark Figs ~ 2 Cuttings
Russian Pomegranate Salavatski Punica granatum Cold hardy Zone 7 LIVE PLANT
Murray Cypress, 100 plants, upright evergreen plant, plants, FREE delivery
Princess Royal Paulownia Tomentosa Seeds ***FASTEST GROWING TREE in the WORLD***
6- Hybrid Willow Tree Starts 18"-24" tall, with root and leaves, OHIO, $5 each. 
Cycas Debaoensis 1Gallon Plant Free Shipping!!!
Princess Royal Paulownia Tomentosa Seeds ***FASTEST GROWING TREE in the WORLD***
SMITH Fig / ficus carica tree -3 cuttings for propagation
Brown Turkey Fig Tree - 5 Cuttings. Cold Hardy Zone 8-11 Guaranteed To Root!
Princess Royal Paulownia Tomentosa Seeds ***FASTEST GROWING TREE in the WORLD***
Elephant ear Mitragyna Hirsuta or BumbleBee Speciosa rooted live plant & Seeds
Elephant ear Mitragyna Hirsuta or BumbleBee Speciosa rooted live plant & Seeds
Musa - 'Dwarf Cavendish' - Banana Tree
Albizia PURPLE MIMOSA Summer Chocolate TREE 6 Seeds
' RASPBERRY LATTE ' Fig Tree Cuttings Dark Sweet Berry Flavor Figs ~ 2 Cuttings
Blue Jacaranda Jacaranda Mimosifolia 25 seed Beautiful Long lasting Bloom CombSH
Japanese Plum LOQUAT FRUIT 6" Seedling TREES New Crop Evergreen tangy plum
Cold Hardy Windmill Palm Seedlings Trachycarpus Fortunei (stocky & strong)
20 TANGERINE Mandarin Orange Citrus Fruit Tree Seeds
13 Tree Pre Bonsai Bald Cypress Forest
Jacaranda mimosifolia tree Live Plant Purple Flowering Brazilian Rose Wood
30"- 36" (2.5' - 3') Red Mulberry Tree - Morus rubra - live tree
Ficus Lyrata - 'Fiddle Leaf Fig' Tree - Houseplant
Mitragyna Speciosa seeds. East Kalimantan sourced wild
Sherbet Berry Grewia asiatica LIVE PLANT Falsa Phalsa fruit
Two Quenepa live fruit tree ,Melicoccus bijugatus,Mamon
Avocado Dwarf (Little Cado) Grafted Plants
Dwarf Everbearing Black Mulberry Tree Morus nigra Live Plant Fruit
15 HYBRID WILLOW TREES Austree grows 10 ft/year THICK hedge privacy fence starts
24+ Fresh Paw Paw Fruit Tree Seeds * Pawpaw The Indiana Banana *New Crop Seeds
3 Young NEEM TREES, Azadirachta indica, 8" to 11" tall, SUPER GREAT DEAL!!!
EDIBLE DATE PALM ~Degelet Noor~ Phoenix dactylifera Ancient Egyptian Fruit Tree
Chaste Tree, LIVE PLANT, Vitex Agnus Casus, Lilac, Chasteberry,Potted Tree, 7"+
' BRANDY ' Fig Tree Cuttings Purple Figs Sweet Intense Berry Flavor ~ 2 Cuttings
Curry leaf plant Murray koenigii healthy well rooted in 1/2 gal pot
Wild Black Cherry Prunus serotina 5 live plants edible fruits
Acer shirasawanum Autumn Moon
LEMON EUCALYPTUS TREE Mosquito Repellent Corymbia citriodora Scented Gum Plant
Kaffir Lime Tree, Asian double lime leaves, Seedling or Fresh live plant cutting
Weeping Willow Tree (One) 18" - 20" Salix, babylonica Privacy Swaying
Pawpaw Tree Seeds, Asimina triloba, fresh 2017seeds, Paw Paw, 6 to 1200 seeds
Banana Plant Fruit Tree Musa "DWARF CAVENDISH" LIVE PLANT Edible tropical garden
Bourjasotte Grise grafted onto Strawberry Verte fig tree plant
Free Delivery Grafted Citrus Trees Orange Lemon Lime Tangerine Kumquat + Dwarf
3 Rooted Hybrid Poplar Trees 9-18 In - Quick Growing, Shade, Firewood, Windbreak
Bonide Fruit Tree Spray Concentrate
4" x 14" Liner Bismark Palm Bismarckia Nobilis VERY SILVER PALMS! FREE SHIPPING!
Ginkgo biloba "Crispin's Jaded Jester" *rare* 2 gallon
Acer palmatum Grandma Ghost 1 gallon - 3-4 years old Japanese Maple
2 Moringa Oleifera Trees
Golden Brush Dwarf Ginger Burbidgea schizocheila Live Plant
Black Madeira fig tree plant #2
3 Giant Sequoia Trees - California Redwood - Potted - 8"- 12" Tall Seedlings
Improved Celeste fig tree ( 1 OT)
35 RED CREPE MYRTLE Crape Tree Shrub Lagerstroemia Flower Seeds *Comb S/H + Gift
Japanese Maple AUTUMN MOON Rare!
Rainbow Tree Eucalyptus Seedling - Ready to thrive for you - Fast Growing Tree
Sangue Dolce grafted onto Galicia Negra fig tree plant
Carrie Mango Tree dwarf condo live plant grafted Free Shipping
Weeping Willow Tree Salix Babylonica (10) Cuttings No Roots Ready to root
Long Mulberry Tree 'Pakistan" Black Mulberry Tree Morus nigra Live Plant Fruit
' SWEET GEORGE ' Fig Tree Cuttings Juicy Sweet Figs ~ Süßer Georg ~ 2 Cuttings
Burning Bush Tree Seedling Winged Spindle BRIGHT RED Fall Color FAST GROWING
Jaboticaba, Jabuticaba, Plinia cauliflora, Rare Live Fruit tree 4" pot
Green Giant Arborvitae, 100 plants, upright evergreen plants, FREE delivery
Musa - 'Grand Nain' - Banana Fruit Tree - "Chiquita Brand" Variety
WISTERIA VINE Wisteria frutescens 'Amethyst Falls' Flowering LIVE Plant
NEW !!!! Dr. Clark Heirloom Fig (A American Hero )
Papaya T.R. Hovey Tree - Carica papaya - Easy to grow fruit - 4" Pot
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All Saints garden named after Joe Tagliarini
He lived across the street from the school and could not help but see the kids playing in the school yard or coming to and from ... “As it evolves, the garden will become a hands-on living laboratory for students to learn about gardening, ecology ...
Best Landscaping Company in Huntersville NC
So, you have a home in Huntersville NC ... has proven to be one of the top outdoor methods to deter residential crime. Landscape lighting also will provide you the ability to get full use out of your garden or yard. We have been providing excellent ...
Down the Garden Path: Mini is in, inside and out
They’re found from the New York Botanical Garden to nurseries, from tabletop terrariums to a wedge of the outdoor ... their homes in tree crevices, fallen logs, and mossy hillsides, they are never loath to turn down a ready-made home.
Rosemary trees, home-grown gifts and voles
WASHINGTON - A sure sign of the approaching holidays is the appearance of those wonderful Christmas-tree shaped cones of live rosemary in garden centers and upscale supermarkets. These living rosemary ... little ‘tree' home, remove the ...
Remedies for a bleak outlook
If your yard is heavily planted with annuals, perennials and deciduous trees and shrubs, then it is probably beginning to look fairly barren. And you are apt to be one of those people who says, “I hate my garden in winter; it’s just bare ...
How to bring colour to your patio
Cape Town - The patio is where we get a chance to sit back, enjoy the garden and appreciate plants up ... Azaleas, hydrangeas and plectranthus species love container living and flower happily in the shade. The bay tree has long been valued as an evergreen ...