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2 American Persimmon Trees, Great Fruit!! FREE SHIPPING
3 Giant Sequoia Trees - California Redwood - Potted - 3" - 5" Tall Seedlings
Royal Empress Tree 300 Seeds Stunning Purple Flowers in Spring Fast Growing!
25 Virginia pine tree seedlings fresh green. 6 to 12 inches tall Christma tree
DWARF BLOOD MORO ORANGE Tree Citrus 1 tree Grow Your Own Oranges
Black Mission Fig, Cold Hardy, LIVE POTTED PLANT, Fruit Tree
Gardening by Parson
Do you enjoy having hummingbirds travel through your yard, feeding on healthy flowers? Gardeners, here is something you can do about this – take the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge ... by more flowering plants and trees will help improve their ...
Home and Garden events calendar, March 5 and beyond
Sustainable Living Permaculture ... workshops. Plant Exchange: Bring plants (all types and sizes) to exchange, or garden items such as pots, decorative items, tools, equipment, gardening books, steppingstones, and anything useful in a yard including ...
Homeowners embrace outdoor living spaces
Chris Russo and his family love their home in Franklin. But they spend as much time as possible in their yard, gathered around the fire pit in their outdoor living area ... in the Nashville Lawn and Garden Show, scheduled for March 3-6 at the Tennessee ...
Tasks to get your outdoor spaces ready
It already feels like spring, and that has many thinking of prepping the lawn and garden for the warmer weather. We called on the experts to get tips for getting your outdoor space into ... ready to get out in the yard and plant. “I would probably ...
Your guide to Monterey County’s spring home and garden events
“We have a few people that never join the club but always bring lots of plant material to the event,” said Hofmann. “There is one elderly man who brings dahlia bulbs and many rooted seedlings ... Home & Garden Expo >> Inspiration for a variety of ...
' Galicia Negra ' Fig Tree Cuttings ~ Exquisite Flavorful Dark Figs ~ 2 cuttings
10 x White Pakistan Long Variety Fresh Mulberry Tree cuttings
CEYLON CINNAMON Cinnamomum zeylanicum Starter PLANT Potted Tree Spice Tea
2 Southern Magnolia Trees 2-3 Feet Tall FREE SHIPPING L@@K
Pinus densiflora 'Jane Kluis' - Dwarf Japanese Red Pine. #1 plant, bare root.
red japanese maple seedling trees - 3 pack of trees, free s/h
Princess Royal Paulownia Tomentosa Seeds ***FASTEST GROWING TREE in the WORLD***
Beautiful Red Maple Trees $23.99 for 2 Free Shipping
5 In One Apple Cocktail Fruit Tree Live Plant Hand Bud Grafted Fuji Granny Smith
2 Florida MANGO Scion Wood Sticks Cuttings for GRAFTING Many VARIETIES
Avocado Tree: Grafted, Cold Hardy, 3 gallon 3-4" high, Eight Cultivars Available
Mini Honeycrisp Apple Tree-Has fruit sooner than a large tree in a smaller space
21+ Live Elderberry Cuttings, Elderberry, Elderberry Bush, Elderberry Plant
2 Maltese Falcon Tree Cuttings- Rare Dark Fruited Variety - LIMITED STOCK
25-Nellie R Stevens Holly Liners
' SMITH ' Fig Tree Cuttings ~ Sweet Delicious Figs ~ A Must For Every Collector
2 (5-7") Neem tree plants/Azadirachta indica for $24.99 + Free Shipping
50 Loblolly Pine Tree Seedling Plugs-12 " tall/ fast growing/easy planting
Princess Royal Paulownia Tomentosa Seeds ***FASTEST GROWING TREE in the WORLD***
One (5-7") Neem tree plant/Azadirachta indica $14.99 + Free Shipping
10 Bald Cypress Seedlings
Princess Royal Paulownia Tomentosa Seeds ***FASTEST GROWING TREE in the WORLD***
Dwarf Orange Tree Citrus x citrofortunella 1 tree Fruit Grow Your Own Fruit
Eucalyptus deglupta Rainbow Eucalyptus Mindano Gum Tree 32" - 34" Tall
Areca vestiaria 'ORANGE' rare tropical palm tree --1 live seedling in a 4" pot
25 2017 Crop Organic Paw Paw Tree Seeds ASIMINA TRILOBA Pawpaw Indiana Banana
Murray Cypress, 100 plants, upright evergreen plant, plants, FREE delivery
Grand Nain Chiquita Banana Tree - Great Dwarf Live Banana Plant
2 Coll De Dama Roja (MP) Fig Tree Cuttings- A FEW SETS LEFT FOR THE YEAR!
25 Giant Sequoia Tree Seeds, Sequoiadendron Giganteum, Fast Growing Long Lived
2 Florida MANGO Scion Wood Sticks Cuttings for GRAFTING Many VARIETIES
Ohio buckeye Aesculus glabra Early Spring Flowers 1 tree 14”-22” Nice
Chambeyronia macrocarpa rare tropical 'FLAME THROWER' palm tree - live 1 gallon
Araucaria montana Mountain Araucaria from New Caledonia
20 SILVER DROP EUCALYPTUS Gunnii Cider Gum Tree Seeds + Gift & Comb S/H
20 Coast Redwood Trees - Landscape Tree / Screen / Bonsai - Sequoia Sempervirens
Araucaria laubenfelsii from New Caledonia
8-12" Cacao Theobroma Cocoa Chocolate Tree Plant Seedling FROM HAWAII
2 St Rita Fig Tree Cuttings- Rare Black Italian Cultivar
~Dragon Eye~ LONGAN Dimocarpus Exotic Fruit Tree Live Potted plant
Manzanillo Olive Tree, Potted Live plant, Evergreen, 8" to 12"
20 TANGERINE Mandarin Orange Citrus Fruit Tree Seeds
Empress Royal Tree Seeds
10 Leyland Cypress Trees 3 Feet Tall! Evergreen-* FREE Shipping!
Arbequina Olive Tree – Olea europaea - Live Plant + Free Shipping!
2 Nice Chinese Chestnut Trees L@@K Free Shipping
5 Sugar Maple Bare Root Tree's- (Acer saccharum)
2 Florida MANGO Scion Wood Sticks Cuttings for GRAFTING Many VARIETIES
Princess Royal Paulownia Tomentosa Seeds ***FASTEST GROWING TREE in the WORLD***
Aussie,Hybrid ,Salix,Willow,Tree,cuttings,20 pieces,Fast growing,BUY2 get 1 free
40 Loblolly Pine Tree Seedling Plugs - 12 " tall/ fast growing/easy planting
Musa - 'Basjoo' - Banana Tree
paw paw Asimina triloba 100 seeds, new crop from Ohio 2017'
1 Giant Sequoia Tree - California Redwood - Potted - 3" - 5" Tall Seedling
Rainbow Eucalyptus approximate 50 seeds *Eucalyptus deglupta*Rare Exotic CombSH
1 gallon California Fan Palm Washingtonia Filifera PALMS! COMBINED SHIPPING!
18-24" tall sweet pecan tree
' GROSSE MONSTREUSE DE LIPARI ' Fig Tree Cuttings ~ French ~ Sugary Sweet Figs
Rose of Sharon Tree Hibiscus syriacus 1 to 2 feet Tall Live Tree
5 Persimmon Trees(Diospyros Virgoniana) BAREROOT FALL SALE!
Weeping Cherry Tree - ( Prunus x yeodensis shidare yoshino )
Mulberry Tree - Dwarf Everbearing Black Fruit, Morus nigra, LIVE Potted Plant
Desert King Fig, LIVE POTTED PLANT, Fruit Tree, Cold Hardy
Mini Asian Pear Tree - Chojuro
3-4 ft tall grafted Li Jujube
Eucalyptus deglupta Rainbow Eucalyptus Mindano Gum Tree 40" Tall 16" Wide
2 Florida MANGO Scion Wood Sticks Cuttings for GRAFTING Many VARIETIES
100+ Fresh picked organic mango leaves Vacuum Sealed
Princess Royal Paulownia Tomentosa Seeds ***FASTEST GROWING TREE in the WORLD***
150-Nellie R Stevens Holly Liners
Princess Royal Paulownia Tomentosa Seeds ***FASTEST GROWING TREE in the WORLD***
Archontophoenix purpurea 'Mt. Lewis' rare live tropical palm tree -1 Gallon
RARE "LEBANESE BLACK/PURPLE FIG TREE" (2) Fresh Cuttings - Vigorous & Prolific
5 PINDO Jelly Palm SEEDLINGS Tropical Tree House Plant Butia capitata
Lavender 100 Seeds Fast Grower Fragent Flowers and Foilage
2 Florida MANGO Scion Wood Sticks Cuttings for GRAFTING Many VARIETIES
Tikal Guava Psidium guajava LIVE PLANT
Weeping Dawn Redwood. Metasequoia 'Miss Grace' - 4" Pot, 8-10" Tall. Bare Root.
elderberry, BLACK ELDERBERRY tree berry, 35 seeds! GroCo*
1 Western Red Cedar Tree - Thuja plicata - Potted - 3"- 6" Tall Seedling
10 Fresh Ensete glaucum Snow Banana seeds FREE SHIPPING
2 Plants...Pomegranate Wonderful, Punica granatum tree, LIVE POTTED PLANT
12 Cold Hardy Fig Varieties (B)
Jabuticaba aka 'Brazilian Grape' Rare Live Fruit Tree 1 Gal.
Maltese Falcon fig plant
10 American WHITE FLOWERING DOGWOOD Small Tree Cornus Florida Southern Seeds
3 Nero Black 600M Fig Tree Cuttings - Cold Hardy Cultivar
20 Loblolly Pine Tree Seedling Plugs- 12" tall/ fast growing/easy planting
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All Saints garden named after Joe Tagliarini
He lived across the street from the school and could not help but see the kids playing in the school yard or coming to and from ... “As it evolves, the garden will become a hands-on living laboratory for students to learn about gardening, ecology ...
Best Landscaping Company in Huntersville NC
So, you have a home in Huntersville NC ... has proven to be one of the top outdoor methods to deter residential crime. Landscape lighting also will provide you the ability to get full use out of your garden or yard. We have been providing excellent ...
Down the Garden Path: Mini is in, inside and out
They’re found from the New York Botanical Garden to nurseries, from tabletop terrariums to a wedge of the outdoor ... their homes in tree crevices, fallen logs, and mossy hillsides, they are never loath to turn down a ready-made home.
Rosemary trees, home-grown gifts and voles
WASHINGTON - A sure sign of the approaching holidays is the appearance of those wonderful Christmas-tree shaped cones of live rosemary in garden centers and upscale supermarkets. These living rosemary ... little ‘tree' home, remove the ...
Remedies for a bleak outlook
If your yard is heavily planted with annuals, perennials and deciduous trees and shrubs, then it is probably beginning to look fairly barren. And you are apt to be one of those people who says, “I hate my garden in winter; it’s just bare ...
How to bring colour to your patio
Cape Town - The patio is where we get a chance to sit back, enjoy the garden and appreciate plants up ... Azaleas, hydrangeas and plectranthus species love container living and flower happily in the shade. The bay tree has long been valued as an evergreen ...